Harvested from the most sustainably managed forests in the world. Cedar Siding is resistant to rot, decay and insect invasion which makes it incredibly low maintenance. Real Cedar Siding instantly elevates your home to a level of beauty and warmth.
Vovk Construction offers many styles of cedar siding from traditional to contemporary to compliment your taste. Cedar shingles are available to add charm and character, and are a popular choice in the Seattle, WA area. Every piece of cedar is hand nailed with galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel nails. Using these products assures that the cedar siding will not develop unsightly stains and streaks due to rust and disintegration. Cedar is free of pitch and resin so it takes stains, oils and finishes extremely well, making your color options endless. The texture and smell of this beautiful and natural product just cannot be duplicated. Whatever you preference is, you will feel better knowing that you have made a solid investment.

Siding Replacement Process:
With so much information out there, we understand that the siding replacement process can be overwhelming. We assure you that Vovk Construction installs only the most trusted building products available for proper building envelope and siding installation. Vovk construction is a reputable Seattle metro area contractor with 20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE specializing in professional siding installation practices.